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Quickly schedule messages

Use /schedule in Slack to quickly schedule messages to be sent in the future.

  • /schedule hey team tomorrow
  • /schedule here's the Zoom link at 2pm
  • /schedule how did the meeting go in 3 hours
  • /schedule what are your goals this month? next month

No more "sorry for the late pings."

Read how to quick schedule Slack messages



Set up recurring announcements

Make regular announcements to your Slack team using recurring messages in Slack.

The Advanced Scheduler lets you quickly set up a message to be sent repeatedly every day, weekday, or specific day up to 120 days in the future.

Recurring messages let you send goals and reminders to you team with ease.


Send messages to multiple channels

Using Slack Scheduler, you can send a message to up to 50 channels or users at once!

How to send messages to multiple Slack Channels.


Your messages are secure and personal

When your scheduled messages are sent, they'll always be sent from your own profile. No one will know that you've scheduled your message.

We'll also never store or see your messages. They'll remain safely in Slack.

Easily list and delete your scheduled messages

Easily manage your scheduled messages using simple commands such as /schedule list and /schedule delete last

How to manage scheduled Slack messages

Easily manage your messages in the native Slack dashboard

Use our built in dashboard to see all your messages in Slack.

  • Easily manage long messages
  • sort them by when they were created or when they'll be posted
  • Delete messages with ease
  • See all the dates when recurring messages will be posted
  • Schedule advanced messages

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