/schedule your Slack messages

Enable your remote team to communicate with confidence by scheduling Slack messages.

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No more "Sorry for the late ping"

Use the /schedule slash command to schedule your Slack message to any person or channel in the future.

Keep it personal

Your messages will be sent from your profile (not a bot) at the scheduled time.

Send messages not reminders.

Set and forget messages to users or entire channels so you can focus on being productive. 

Simple commands

  • /schedule hello in 2 hours

    Intuitive messaging convention of /schedule [message] in [time value] [time type]. 

    Use seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks or months.

  • /schedule delete

    Delete your last messages with /schedule delete last or all of your scheduled messages with /schedule delete all

  • /schedule list

    List the messages you've previously scheduled.

  • /schedule help

    Quick reminders and guidelines on how to schedule messages.

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