/schedule your Slack Messages

Enable remote teams to communicate with confidence by sending your messages at the most opportune time.

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No more "Sorry for the late ping".

Schedule your message to send to any person or channel when you know it will have the most positive impact.

Keep it personal

Your messages will be sent from your profile at the scheduled time.

Send messages not reminders.

Set and forget messages to users or entire channels so you can focus on being productive. 

Simple commands

  • /schedule hello in 2 hours

    Intuitive messaging convention of /schedule [message] in [time value] [time type]. 

    Use seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks or months.

  • /schedule delete

    Delete your last messages with /schedule delete last or all of your scheduled messages with /schedule delete all

  • /schedule list

    List the messages you've previously scheduled.

  • /schedule help

    When you forget


How do I schedule in a particular channel?

Your message is scheduled to the channel or direct message that you send the /schedule command to.

What is the Max and Min schedule time?

30 seconds is the minimum. 120 days (or equivalent) is the maximum.

How do I schedule messages

Use the /schedule command in the following format. /schedule [message] in [time][time type].

So to send a message of "hello" in 1 week, you would use the command /schedule hello in 1 week.

What time types can I use

Valid time types are: second, minute, hour, day, week and month. 

Do you have a free trial?

You have 30 days free to make sure your team benefits from scheduling messages. After that it is $20 per month. 

Are my messages secure and private?

Yes - we don't store or access any of your messages or the personal information of people in your team. 

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