Help | How to schedule messages

The Slack Message Scheduler allows you to schedule messages in Slack in a variety of formats. You can use the below formats to quickly schedule a message in your current channel, or use the advanced scheduler to schedule a more detailed message to go out to multiple channels at once.

Once the extension is installed, you can schedule a message in any Slack channel using the /schedule command.

There are several ways you can schedule Slack messages with the message scheduler.

Quick Schedule

Quickly schedule a message in any channel or conversation by typing /schedule hello in 2 minutes in that channel.

Where hello is the message you would like to send.

You have the options to schedule messages using the in, at, next or tomorrow command.

Some examples:

  • /schedule hello in 5 minutes
  • /schedule hello in 2 days
  • /schedule hello in 5 weeks
  • /schedule hello in 2 months
  • /schedule hello at 2pm
  • /schedule hello at 1205
  • /schedule hello next week
  • /schedule hello tomorrow

The message will be sent to the current channel that you are in. If you would like to send to another channel or multiple channels, try using the advanced scheduler.

If you try to schedule a message in the past (say at 3pm when it is 3:05pm), the message will be scheduled for the next day.

If you schedule a message using the tomorrow keyword, it will be sent at 9am the next day (in your local timezone).

The command takes two options - the message you would like to send, and the time you would like to schedule it.

Advanced Schedule

If you need to send a more detailed message, need to schedule a message to multiple channels, or want to send a message to a particular timezone then it's probably better to use the advanced scheduler.

To use the advanced scheduler, just type /schedule and send.

Once there, you can write a detailed message, choose your channels and set other options as well.


If it is your first time using the command, you will be asked to authorise the extension to schedule messages on your behalf.