Help | How to schedule Slack messages in multiple channels

It is not uncommon to want to schedule your message to be sent to multiple places at once. Using the Slack scheduler app this is easily done. 

  1. Add Slack Scheduler to your Slack workspace 
  2. Visit any channel or conversation in Slack (if you are not sure, just open up a direct message with yourself)
  3. Type /schedule
  4. Hit send

screenshot of user trigging slack message scheduler slash command

You will now have the advanced scheduler open in a modal. 

  1. Complete your message
  2. Specify any timezone (it will default to your profile's timezone)
  3. Set the hour and minute to schedule
  4. Choose the user(s), channel(s) and / or conversation(s) you would like to schedule the message for. 

screenshot of slack advanced scheduler with user selecting multiple slack channels


  • Users are direct messages with other people in your team, channels are public channels in your workspace and conversations are group chats and private channels that you're a part of. 
  • There is a limit of 50 total channels that you can schedule across. If you have a use-case for needing more than 50, please reach out.
  • Recurring messages can not be scheduled to multiple slack channels at once. They must be scheduled to one channel at a time.