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I know I seem to say this every update at times - but this was genuinely our biggest update since launch. 

After dozens of requests to implement recurring messages into Slack, it is finally here! Recurring messages can now be set up and managed all with Slack. 

Here is what I worked on to make this happen:

  • We re-wrote most of the application to handle scheduling messages. This included better rate-limiting so we can schedule messages with Slack as fast as possible
  • We pushed the boundaries of what is possible with the current API's. We ran into error's never seen before and in fact we even helped change one of Slack's own API's to get this working
  • Because of the above, you can now see your message content when listing messages (another highly requested feature)
  • We changed some of our database structure. We still keep everything managed in Slack and we are adamant about storing no personal information or message content information outside of Slack. However, we introduced a system that makes managing messages a breeze without compromising on security
  • We re-wrote many of the listing and deletion functions so that if you have scheduled a message to be sent 120 times, you don't get 120 confirmation blocks. This has benefits for normal messages as well

Some smaller bug fixes and quality of life improvements:

  • Some more general performance improvements were made (concurrent requests, less lookups, optimisations)
  • Our pricing page was reworked to make it easier to upgrade your account. The annual plans are also more prominent and we have introduced 15% and 25% discounts for the Basic and Team plans respectively. 
  • Fixed an error where content that was scheduled with formatting would not send. 

Written by: Josh

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