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Boomerang is a popular extension for Gmail that allows you to schedule an email to be sent later and set up reminders. 

The app is popular for Gmail users as it allows you to take control of your inbox and do things like:

  • Batch your email time
  • Send emails to people in different timezones respectfully
  • Schedule announcements
  • Give you time to think about the best response to emails


As Slack takes over more of our communication at work, people have begun to look for similar features to what they are used to in Gmail. 

They want to do all of the things above, but in Slack. 

Previously, there was not a great way to do this. You either needed to send your message with a bot (which is super impersonal and defeats the point of Slack).

Or set up reminders to send the message. which means you are spending more time on Slack to craft the message, set the reminder and then go back to send. That is also not always possible if you want to send messages at say, 4am your local time, for people in an opposing time zone five hours ahead.

Thankfully, the /schedule extension for Slack now gives you many of the features of Boomerang built into your Slack workspace. 

After adding the app to your workspace using the Slack login below below. You simple use the /schedule command to start. If I wanted to send the message "hello" in 2 hours I would simply use:

/schedule hello in 2 hours

Easy. You can list your messages and delete as needed. And your messages will work in channels or direct messages. 

Find out more on our FAQ page.

So if you are ready to start using Boomerang for Slack with this new extension, you can use the link below to install to your workspace and try it free for 30 days! 

Written by: Joshua

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