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Slack Scheduler was created to bridge a gap in Slack’s capabilities. In giving users the tools to be able to schedule messages across varying time zones and the like more easily, Slack Scheduler essentially gave - and continues to give - Slack users the convenience and efficiency of being able to reach out to teammates without necessarily having to infringe on their personal time outside of their work schedule. While it is no doubt effective, we know that we can always improve. This is exactly where Advanced Scheduler comes in handy! 

The Advanced Scheduler feature of Slack Scheduler is designed to take scheduling your messages to the next level with ease. While the standard Slack Scheduler command is obviously quite useful, having access to a feature like Advanced Scheduler allows you to be able to make the most of Slack Scheduler and - more importantly for you - be able to do so in the most convenient and time efficient ways possible. With so many moving pieces involved in your job, it can feel like a challenge to successfully maintain them all. So, what are ten ways using Advanced Scheduler can boost your productivity?

Organising your week head 

There is nothing more frustrating than having to spend an hour - or worse, longer - throughout every single day when you sign into Slack trying to figure out and organise every response to a ping, upcoming meeting, or notification for a colleague. Advanced Scheduler allows you to go into more depth with your scheduled messages. This in turn creates more of a structure to the way that you prepare for your week, giving you structure and saving you time as your week progresses.


slack message scheduler - set reminders

Manage your messages in Slack using the built in dashboard

Maximising time efficiency

At any job, your time is valuable. Even so, that does not stop things from needing to be taken care of. One of the biggest advantages of Advanced Scheduler is absolutely its capability to maximise time efficiency. Hand in hand with organising your week with ease, the maximisation of time efficiency gives you more time throughout your week to focus on other aspects of your job without having to constantly be jumping back on Slack without the immediate need to do so.

Send out reminders and notifications

When you know that you have a note to pass on to a colleague, but they are in a different timezone and thus currently out of reach, Advanced Scheduler gives you the freedom to set a specific time for them to be notified while also ensuring that you are tying up any loose ends before your own work hours finish for the day or night. Similarly, using Advanced Scheduler to send a reminder to yourself for something that needs to be taken care of tomorrow, next week, etc.

Timezone scheduling capabilities

We have all been in those positions where even if we can schedule a message, it can be a bit of a process to get beyond simply stating a general timeframe. And as we all know, not everyone in your Slack team lives and works in the same time zone. The ease of being more readily able to use Advanced Scheduler to be more specific with timezone clashes, turning them into convenient, streamlined global communications, is one of the biggest advantages of the feature. 


schedule slack messages for a specific timezone

Schedule your Slack messages for a specific timezone!


Convenient access to different channels

The Advanced Scheduler feature means that you can have easier access to the different channels available in your Slack workplace. This is something that the standard /Schedule command cannot do. You can choose to send scheduled messages to multiple channels at once across a variety of times and time zones, making it easier than ever for you to have immediate convenient access to different channels with just the click of a few buttons and the entering of a few commands.


Easier addition of specific users

Being able to send a ping to someone at a later time is great. It is this kind of efficiency that makes a world of difference in users’ Slack experience. However, sometimes a ping needs to be sent out to multiple people rather than just to one specific individual. Thanks to Scheduler, this is easier to do than ever! And sending scheduled messages to specific users is quite simple when using Slack Scheduler. However, the Advanced Scheduler feature allows you to be able to successfully add multiple specific users.

schedule slack messages to multiple channels

Schedule your Slack messages to multiple users or channels

More detail in your messages

Arguably the biggest benefit of Advanced Scheduler is that you have more control and more room to have more detail in your scheduled messages. This kind of scheduled detailing is maximising efficiency for workplaces of all natures, shapes, and sizes that use Scheduler. Being able to add more detail ensures that you are going to be able to get your message across clearly without having to communicate further unnecessarily, purely because your initial scheduled message was unable to provide enough detail to the recipient. 

More control of the specifics

Everything from the time of day and the timezone to the number of channels and users being added to an Advanced Scheduled Message makes this feature a fantastic asset. Being able to be in more active and consistent control of the specifics of your scheduled messages means that you can have the assurance and subsequent peace of mind to ensure that every scheduled message has all of the relevant information the first time around.

Taking scheduling meetings ahead of time to the next level

Rather than simply setting a reminder ping for yourself to organise a meeting later on, the Advanced Scheduler feature gives you the opportunity to be able to schedule upcoming meetings in great detail. Further, along with tools like Slack Forms, you can not only schedule your meetings ahead of time, but you can do so in a way that takes this capability to the next level while simultaneously having the peace of mind that everyone is going to have the most information possible in the most efficient way possible.

Scheduling recurring messages with ease

Recurring messages are one of our favourite features of the Advanced Scheduler. This Slack Scheduler feature gives you the capability to schedule recurring messages with ease and more specific control over the finer details of those scheduled messages. All you have to do is bring up Advanced Scheduler and select the ‘Recurring message’ tab. This will give you further options of how and when you want to set up the recurring message.

repeat your slack message

Send your Slack message on a recurring basis

With all the extra features available with the Message Scheduler tool, you can instantly gain a boost to your productivity and focus on the work that matters. 

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Written by: Brittany

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