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60,000+ messages scheduled by teams like...

No more "Sorry for the late ping"

Use the /schedule slash command to schedule your Slack message to any person or channel in the future. See the different ways you can quickly schedule messages.

Keep it personal

Your messages will be sent from your profile (not a bot) at the scheduled time. Tag users and format messages like any other Slack message. Read how your messages are sent.

Manage all your messages

Manage hundreds of Scheduled messages all within Slack using our native built in dashboard. Learn more about our unique dashboard.

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Send recurring messages, not reminders.

Set and forget messages to users or channels so you can focus on being productive. Send for specific timezones, set dates, and on a recurring basis. See more advanced message scheduling options.

Simple commands

  • /schedule hello in 2 hours

    Intuitive messaging convention of /schedule hello in 2 hours. 

    Or just use /schedule.

  • /schedule delete

    Delete your last messages with /schedule delete last or all of your scheduled messages with /schedule delete all

  • /schedule list

    List the messages you've previously scheduled.

  • /schedule

    Advanced scheduling for specific scheduling and recurring messages.

+ Recurring messages, native message manager, multi-channel scheduler and more. See full feature list

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"Slack and email “cost” companies an average of $28,209 per employee every year...The secret to effective communication is to optimize for it" - Rescue Time

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